Evangelist to liberal journalist: Stop with the ‘progressive’ lies

By Michael F. Haverluck:

Graham is taking to task a longtime PBS commentator for violating the biblical admonition not to lie in perpetuating partisan falsehoods intended to remove Donald Trump from office.

Veteran journalist Bill Moyers recently voiced his fear that America’s survival is in danger by saying that “too many lies” can end a democracy – implying lies are coming from the White House as Democrats ramp up their efforts to impeach President Donald Trump. In response, Rev. Franklin Graham contended that the true threat derives from lies coming from Democrats and the left.

Graham was responding to Moyer’s attack on the presidency, when he claimed the Trump administration should be under high scrutiny for alleged dishonest dealings and urged networks such as PBS to rebroadcast the impeachment proceedings during primetime TV so working Americans can watch (and turn against Trump). …

Moyers took aim at Trump supporters, insinuating that Democratic presidential candidates are up front and honest, while the president is mired in deceit and lies.

“The lies of the progressive left and the hyper-liberal media are what is a serious threat to the future of our nation,” Graham remarked in a Facebook post. “The Bible tells us, ‘The Lord detests lying lips.'”

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