Ex-Transgenders And -Homosexuals Come Out Of The Closet

Over the past year, Walt Heyer has written a great deal on this topic — here is the intro-sentence to the above titled piece posted this week at The Federalist: “For the first time, former transgenders and homosexuals and those who love them will gather to discuss bringing hope to troubled lives.”

Here are his opening paragraphs addressing something that too few people know or understand because of the Republican and conservative failure in the information war:

Standing for Truth is a first-time gathering of national experts, therapists, doctors, attorneys, religious leaders, former homosexuals, parents and friends of former homosexuals, children of homosexual parents, and those with transgender surgery regret who dare to speak the truth.

About 20 speakers will be contributing to the day-long conference October 26 in Salt Lake City. I’m that last one in the list above: the one with transgender surgery regret. Detractors have called me a pseudo-celebrity but I find that preferable to living out my life as a pseudo-female or pseudo-female transsexual.

No matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient it may be to LGBT people and their supporters, the rates of transgender regret and suicide remain high and therefore cannot be dismissed as unimportant. Research has shown that more than 60 percent of transgenders suffer from comorbid disorders. To me, that proves transgenders are misdiagnosed a majority of the time. Comorbid disorders are a direct cause for the staggering and shameful attempted suicide rate among transgenders of 41 percent.

Don’t Confuse Transgender and Gay People

I have some hopes for the outcome of the conference and for the people who will be joining me in speaking truth.

First, let me clear up a common misconception. The stated focus of the conference is understanding homosexuality. The funny thing about having me participate is that I was never homosexual, and in my work with regretful transsexuals none of them has been homosexual. The politically incorrect truth is that the vast majority of transgender regretters with whom I’m familiar are, in fact, not homosexual. The transgenders I work with are individuals who suffer from powerful feelings of gender identity confusion but are not dealing with same-sex attraction or homosexuality issues.

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