Examining the GOP “Pledge to America” The social fabric is unraveling

Here is how the “Foreword” of the document begins:

“Americans need no reminder that the challenges we face are enormous. Our economy has declined and our debt has mushroomed with the loss of millions of jobs. The social fabric that binds us as citizens, families and communities is unraveling. Voices in and out of government whisper that our standing as the world’s leader of democracy and economic growth is ending.”

It’s possible, perhaps, to pretend that an unraveling social fabric has nothing to do with the social issues. After watching our Republican “leaders” perform for the past thirty years, it’s a safe bet many of them do compartmentalize and pretend a plenty. Fortunately, we have a number of individuals like Congressman Mike Pence who aren’t unschooled and thus aren’t ignorant about the danger of the radical left-wing social agenda. (Read excerpts from a recent Mike Pence speech here.)

One specific is given in the document regarding abortion: “We will permanently end taxpayer funding of abortion and codify the Hyde Amendment.”

As I wrote last time – I give the “Pledge” a good grade. Others haven’t been as nice, and Cal Thomas gives a thoughtful review of it as well here. For the sake of brevity, let’s run through some of the contents of the Pledge.

On the second page of the Foreword the following words are used:

  • rein in;
  • repeal;
  • reduce;
  • roll back.

Those words are red meat for me. I’ve been waiting all of my adult life to read my party pledging to reduce the size of government. Towards the end of the Forward are these words:

“We recognize that these solutions are ambitious, and that we are proposing them at a time of intense public distrust in politicians and the political system. That’s why we are offering a plan to reform Congress and restore trust so that we can put power back where it belongs: in the hands of the people. We will govern differently than past Congresses of both parties.”

Note those last two words: “both parties.”

Here are the subheadings that follow the Foreword – the numbering is mine:

  1. A Plan to Create Jobs, End Economic Uncertainty, and Make American More Competitive
  2. A Plan to Stop Out-of-Control Spending and Reduce the Size of Government
  3. A Plan to Repeal and Replace the Government Takeover of Health Care
  4. A Plan to Reform Congress and Restore Trust
  5. A Plan to Keep Our Nation Secure at Home & Abroad
  6. Checks and Balances

The first section opens with this sentence: “Joblessness is the single most important challenge facing America today.” Rather than argue, I’ll just say that the economy is clearly the most important issue in the minds of voters.

Every time I wanted to get frustrated reading the Pledge, I’d come across a sentence like this one which would win me back:

“Washington-focused economic policies have failed to put people back to work and have pushed our nation to the brink of a fiscal crisis. The American people know that to boost the economy, spending must be slashed, tax increases must be prevented, and small businesses must have certainty that the rules won’t change every few months so they can get back on their feet.”

Did you see those magic words right there in the middle of the paragraph? “Spending must be slashed.” Slashed. Even as I write this I’m still surprised Republicans are using a word like S-L-A-S-H-E-D. Voters need to hold them to this pledge.

But then six pages later the language turns more tepid – such as cutting government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels. However, government was already way too big and way too fat pre-stimulus and pre-bailout. But again, I’ll concede this document is just a start.

Up next: Tea Party and 9/12 Patriots needed.