Existential political war has arrived…in both parties

Here is Robert Arvay:

Both major political parties are now locked in a death struggle. The irony is that they are attempting not to annihilate each other, but rather to survive the onslaught of the voters. No longer is the struggle between Democrat and Republican; it is between the landed gentry and the peasants.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the villains, as far as the ensconced parties are concerned. Thus, we have the very bizarre spectacle of Republicans saying that, in a general election, they will defect, preferring Clinton to Trump, and Democrats vowing to vote for Trump rather than for Clinton. No author of political fiction would have proposed so implausible a scenario, and yet it has become real.

Despite its surrealistic appearance, this was a long time in coming. Over the years, both major parties have lied, and lied so thoroughly that we came to tolerate it, even to accept it as normal. Democrats promised things that they could never deliver. Republicans promised things that they could have delivered, but then they broke those promises. In both cases, the voters have felt betrayed – nay, they have actually been betrayed.

No clearer instance of this betrayal has been seen than among the Republicans. Election after election, the candidates have promised to reduce the size of government, only to repeatedly increase it once elected. Republican insurgent Senator Ted Cruz said it best: the newly Republican senate is not at all different from the formerly Democratic one. Winning the election amounted to nothing. Nothing.

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Image credit: www.patriotpost.com.