My Facebook Conversation with ‘Progressives’

No one is better at answering “progressives” and explaining the important fundamentals of the cultural issues than the Illinois Family Institute’s Laurie Higgins. Here is the first of her four exchanges with Facebook commentators from her post this past Friday:

Since I believe dialogue with those who hold views different from mine is important in this diverse culture, I often respond to comments on IFI’s Facebook page from dissenters. Here is a recent conversation I had with two women, Melanie Silver and Keely Wells. Since their comments represent commonly held beliefs, it behooves conservatives not merely to be aware of them but to know how to respond to them.

In the service of helping equip IFI readers in that task, here is our conversation (all errors were in the original FB conversation):

Melanie Silver: I was just reading the agenda on your page. So how does the LGBTQ “agenda ” hurt everyone?

Laurie Higgins: The “LGBTQ” agenda harms everyone in many ways.

It promotes the false assumption that homoeroticism is morally and ontologically equivalent to heterosexuality.

It was responsible for the destruction of marriage through the imposition by five Justices of the view that marriage has no intrinsic connection to sexual differentiation.

Many homosexual men do not believe that sexual monogamy is a necessary or good part of marriage, and even many homosexuals believe that their view of sexual monogamy will eventually transform even heterosexual marriages.

The “LGBTQ” agenda has led to the commodification of children as homosexuals in intrinsically sterile unions believe they are entitled to procure children.

The “LGBTQ” agenda has led to co-ed restrooms, locker rooms and shelters. The “LGBTQ” agenda has led to the homosexualization of government schools, including even kindergartens in which government employees teach other people’s children to affirm homosexuality and gender confusion.

The “LGBTQ” agenda has resulted in minors being given sterility-inducing cross-sex hormones and having their bodies surgically mutilated in a futile attempt to become the other sex. So while minors can access medical help to mutilate their bodies in an effort to reject their unwanted biological sex, laws in several states prohibit minors from accessing medical help in rejecting their unwanted “sexual orientation.”

The “LGBTQ” agenda has led to the most dramatic erosion of First Amendment protections in the history of this country.

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