Facebook Shuts Down Christian Ideas While Letting Others Post Threats

Yes, we know Lefty-run media shuts down Christian and conservative ideas. The question is, what are conservatives going to do to overcome this barrier? Here is Robert Gagnon:

Facebook members can say virtually anything about Christians who uphold a male-female foundation for sexual ethics. But I can’t share my religious perspective.

Facebook has become one of the great censors of our day. Rather than provide a forum in which people can express their own views freely on controversial issues (controversial, that is, from a left-wing perspective), Facebook administrators have seen fit to selectively impose their radical sexual ethics on users of their social media site.

On June 14 at 1:09 PM I learned that Facebook blocked me for 24 hours because of my alleged “hate speech.” They made my post visible only to my eyes and fixed things so that I could not post or comment on my own FB page or even send communications through private FB messaging. I was directed to the “community standards” that prohibited “a direct attack on people based on what we call protected characteristics — . . . sexual orientation . . . gender identity.”

They said: “If you request a review, someone from our review team will take another look at the post.” There was a little dot to click but no place to make my case, just as there was no specific explanation for why my remarks were being treated as “hate speech.” I clicked the dot and was informed, “Someone will be taking another look at this video.”

I found out that the next time I am blocked it will be for three days; after that, 30 days; with the eventual threat of disabling my Facebook account entirely. What heinous act of “hate speech” did I commit?

I had responded to this perverse video from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation from the program “CBC Life.” In it Canadian television personality Jessi Cruikshank sits at a table with a garland of rainbow balloons, providing lead-in questions to two girls and two boys, who seem to be ages five to eight. The purpose of the video is simple: to proselytize for support of “Gay Pride Month.”

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