Fake neutrality in politics

And when will conservatives wake up to this fake neutrality and do something about it? Here is E.M. Cadwaladr:

Pulling up American Thinker on my phone the other day, Google offered the search suggestion: “American Thinker Conservative.” I clicked. Why not – what harm could Google do me?  What I was treated to was a plethora of websites, touting themselves as neutral fact-checkers, indignant about American Thinker’s “conservative bias.” How enlightening! Now tell me who’s buried in Grant’s tomb…

What we have here is a nice illustration of a propaganda strategy that should not be underestimated — the inane idea that the reasonable position is always some compromise in the middle — the myth, in other words, that the left is the center. Can’t we all just get along — and do things my way?

Let us dispense with the naïve smiley-faced idea that compromise is automatically the best solution to all problems. If we had rigorously pursued compromise before the American Civil War, half of the U.S. would probably still have slavery. If we had made compromises at the end of the Second World War, instead of insisting on unconditional surrender, the Nazis and the Japanese militarists would have been left intact. “Compromises” like the Iran deal, the Paris Climate Accord, GAT, NAFTA, and numerous other diplomatic schemes liberal administrations have concocted have been little more than giveaways at the expense of ordinary American citizens.

Compromise works only when it brings together different but still compatible interests. It fails when it is used as a rhetorical sleight-of-hand to surrender wealth or sovereignty to parties who despise us. As has been said before but needs to be said until people’s ears ring with its repeating – compromising with leftists always amounts to agreeing to accept their entire destructive program over a longer period of time. There is no middle ground, no compromise, between capitalism and socialism, between nationalism and globalism, or between Christianity and atheism. The left should be invited to shove its sophisticated Hegelian dialectics into the evil sunless places where even the Podesta brothers dare not go.

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