The Fatal Folly of Diversity

Here is Brian C. Joondeph writing about the fatal folly of diversity — something way too few Americans understand:

Diversity is one of those feel-good, virtual signaling words that the left loves to throw around. Along with tolerance, inclusiveness, and sustainability. Words which make the person using them feel good, functioning as stirrups to keep them firmly perched atop their moral high horse.

Diversity refers not to a variety of ideas, as any conservative speaker trying to deliver a lecture on a college campus can attest, but instead to identity markers of skin color, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, traits which most Americans see through without discrimination. As Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke of judging people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

Diversity apparently applies to immigration too, specifically the Diversity Visa Lottery. Something most Americans didn’t even realize existed until last week’s Manhattan terrorist attack. The terrorist entering the U.S. from Uzbekistan via this so-called lottery.

Seeing how this played out suggests that this isn’t a lottery, instead a game of Russian roulette. Spin the cylinder and take your chances as to whether a law-abiding, productive citizen comes out of the gun or a radical Islamic terrorist.

Diversity based on nationality or skin color may be fine for a private college or the board of a newspaper (more on that later) but not for the safety and security of the country. Don’t tell Senator Chuck Schumer, though, as he was a big cheerleader of the Diversity Visa Program, noting the benefits while riding his bike around New York City.

Good thing Schumer wasn’t riding his bike in lower Manhattan when the ISIS flag waving terrorist decided to use his truck for a game of “bowling for Allah.” The only diversity in the terror attack was the nationalities of the victims, five from Argentina, two Americans and one from Belgium.

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