My favorite liberal fallacies

Here is Arnold Cusmariu writing at American Thinker — he gives a great short school on “liberal fallacies”:

Elizabeth Smiley’s recent blog item convinced me it might be useful to list and then refute some key arguments liberals like to bring up. Here’s my “top ten” list.

1. Abortion is morally okay because the Supreme Court said so.

Refutation: Legal permissibility does not entail moral permissibility. Slavery was legal at one time, and not just in this country, but we can agree it’s always been morally wrong. Racial laws passed by the Nazis during the 1930s were clearly morally wrong.

2. Abortion is morally okay because women have a right to their bodies.

Refutation: The “right to one’s body” is not absolute in the moral or the legal sense. You can’t jump off a building intending to kill someone by landing on him. Selling body parts of an aborted fetus is illegal, certainly in this country.

3. Abortion is morally okay because the fetus is an organ and may be removed for medical reasons just like tonsils or the appendix.

Refutation: The fetus develops working organs such as a heart and a brain after about eight weeks, so the fetus cannot be an organ because no organs have organs.

4. Abortion is morally okay because the fetus is not a human being.

Refutation: The issue is whether the unborn have moral rights as strong as the rest of us. It requires argument to prove that this is not the case regarding the unborn. It would need to be proved (i) that A’s moral rights are as strong as B’s only if A and B are both human beings, and (ii) that the unborn are not human beings. Liberals who advocate in favor of animal rights would deny (i), which is far from obvious anyway. Biology refutes (ii).

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