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Here are three versions of a good ad from “” — first the shortest — then a longer version — then the longest…

From a press release:

Richard A. Viguerie, conservative direct marketing pioneer, Chairman of, and author of “TAKEOVER: The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It,” and Chairman of Fed Up PAC today announced that the PAC has released a new get-out-the-vote video “Who Will Keep Us Safe?”

65 Second Version =
35 Second Version =
23 Second Version =

“All the polls tell us that opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, defeating the looming threat of radical Islam and ending Obama’s abuse of power are winning issues for Republicans,” said Mr. Viguerie. “I don’t know why the national Republican leaders have been so timid about nationalizing the election and making the 2014 campaign about amnesty, national security and Obama’s abuse of power. But I do know we conservatives can and must do something about it – that’s why I’m distributing ‘Who Will Keep Us Safe?’

“This new video is especially targeted toward women voters, who are deeply concerned this election cycle about national security and the threat from ISIS and radical Islam,” said Mr. Viguerie.

“It also reminds voters that, as President Obama said, all of his policies are on the ballot,” noted Viguerie. “And that includes amnesty for illegal aliens and the culture of lies, lawlessness and corruption with which Barack Obama and his Democratic allies on Capitol Hill have poisoned our government.”

Viguerie noted that the message in the video was particularly timely in light of the radical Muslim terrorist attacks in Canada and the fact that just today House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp blasted the Obama White House for stonewalling until after the election access to another witness in the IRS targeting of conservatives scandal.

Viguerie said the goal is to reach 3,500,000 in the next few days and 11,000,000 by the end of next week and to make the message easy for recipients to forward via email and social media.

“We have three versions of ‘Who Will Keep Us Safe?’ a 65 second version, a 35 second version and a short social media-friendly version. This message has already started hitting in-boxes and has received a great response from the conservative grassroots.”

“Republicans never win big on Election Day unless elections are nationalized,” noted Viguerie. “Nationalizing the election means that the voters are focused on or thinking about one, two or maybe three main issues that override most all other issues. Another way to think about what it means to nationalize the election is that the voters have in their head a ‘tune they can whistle.'”

“This vote-changing video addresses all of the big issues in this election and lays the blame for the disastrous state of our country squarely where it belongs – on the shoulders of Barack Obama, and the Democrats who support him,” said Viguerie.

The video was paid for by Fed Up PAC. Fed Up PAC and is not authorized by any candidate or committee. Contributions to Fed Up PAC are not deductible for income tax purposes.

About Richard Viguerie: RICHARD A. VIGUERIE, called the “Funding Father of the conservative movement,” transformed American politics in the 1960s and ’70s by pioneering the use of direct mail as a means for conservatives to bypass the mainstream media. He serves as the chairman of The author of a number of books on politics and the conservative movement, Viguerie’s latest book is “TAKEOVER: The 100-Year War For The Soul of The GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It.”