Federal Hocus Pocus Lets She-Males in the Girl’s Room

In increasing numbers these days grown men and women are experiencing a mental deterioration when it comes to the most simple elements of human life. It is something in the food supply? Some odd and obviously unhealthy mix of chemicals added for whatever reason — such as pesticides on crops, or hormones given to chickens and cows? Some sort of brain damage is the best explanation for the mass insanity that seems to be taking place. Little boys who think they’re a girl are allowed into the Girl Scouts. Little girls who think they are boys are…taken seriously instead of given the help they need.

Here is Linda Harvey over at BarbWire writing about how some of the idiotic thinking is, not surprisingly, flourishing in the public schools:

Abracadabra! Homosexuality and gender confusion are now federal civil rights and local schools must go along.

Abracadabra! Your children must learn about sexual “fluidity,” that they are ever-changing sexual beings and they’re all partial boys, partial girls.

And yet none of this is law or reality. It’s the magical mystery tour of sexual deviants who really love messing with the hearts and souls of your children and using government power to do it.

Parents have a lot to think about over the summer months while children are home from school. One worthwhile vacation activity might be to contact congressional representatives. The message? Urge them to get behind a bill to stop the invention of policies by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education pushing “LGBT” depravity on local schools and into the lives of vulnerable children.

It needs to be done soon, as parents in Fairfax (Virginia), Minneapolis and elsewhere can attest. Families are outraged at being deceived and their concerns dismissed by the looming threats of phony federal “laws” or loss of federal funding.

Schools are being told that boys must be allowed to use girl restrooms and locker rooms and play on girl sports’ teams– that this is now federal policy. But no such law exists. It’s “translegal” hocus-pocus once again from the Obama administration, which has dressed up Title IX (sex discrimination law) to become whatever “drag” law they need it to be.

Still, God’s created order remains unchanged. Boys are never girls, and gender change for youth does not exist in reality or even in the fantasy world of Obama. It’s not federal law for schools or anyone else, but products of delusional thinking in need of a good dose of congressional oversight.

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Image credit: seton.net.au.