The First Transgender Superhuman

By Paul Hair

“Transgender” is one of the favorite non-words and non-concepts of the day, a weapon that the leaders of the U.S. have used in their unrelenting jihad against America as they seek to wipe out the nation and culture, all the while they become more and more indignant that anyone dare try to stop their war. These evildoers are so obsessed with this devastating weapon that when the President of the United States learns that a superhuman working for the government in a highly compartmented capacity wants to come out, he quickly arranges for that superhuman to do so in public fashion.

Thus begins, “The First Transgender Superhuman,” one of three short stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition. Or something close to that anyway.

MGI-BW-CoverMortal Gods: Ignition marks my first entry into the world of fiction. Freedom Press International just published it and it’s available now on Amazon as a convenient eBook. I’ve written opinion columns, analyses, assessments, and other nonfiction writings for years and at a variety of outlets. And those years generally have seemed long, arduous, and unrewarding. Now it’s time for something different. Now it’s time for something fun.

“The First Transgender Superhuman” is the second of the aforementioned three stories in Mortal Gods: Ignition. All three are prose stories about a universe where superhumans are real. This new universe examines how superhumans might impact a reality not unlike our own—what threats and challenges they might face. They aren’t superheroes who put on spandex or costumes to fight crimes or supervillains. They are adults who fight battles and engage in wars. Furthermore, they use their abilities to work with others in society instead of solely acting on their own.

Only a handful of superhumans appear in Mortal Gods: Ignition, with Adam White figuring prominently into all three stories. It’s good to keep that part relatively simple for the start.

Nevertheless, the stories aren’t simple. Characters (superhuman and human alike) face tough choices and they must make tough decisions. Do they always choose correctly? You’ll have to decide. Some characters are good while others are evil. Sometimes the superhumans can be terrifying and seemingly greater than humanity. But other times they seem very much human.

Mortal Gods: Ignition is closer to how superhumans would be in reality than what you’re used to seeing.

So how does the President of the United States learn that a superhuman working for the government wants to come out in “The First Transgender Superhuman”? What is the superhuman’s motivation for contacting the President with such an announcement? And just what will he do when given the opportunity to do so in public fashion?

Buy Mortal Gods: Ignition today to find out.

Paul Hair writes fiction and nonfiction for a variety of national organizations. His books, “Mortal Gods: Ignition” and “Winning through Losing,” are available now at Amazon. Paul also honorably served in the U.S. Army Reserve as an intelligence and is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Connect with him at Liberate Liberty, and on Facebook and Twitter (see below links). Contact him at [email protected] if you are interested in hiring him for ghostwriting, intelligence analysis, or other work.