‘Fiscal Conservatism,’ R.I.P.

AmericanThinker3Fay Voshell does it again at American Thinker — here’s an excerpt from her latest:

[P]erhaps there is light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe the demise of the chimerical creature known as the “fiscal conservative” is at last at hand. Remember that person? The “fiscal conservative,” also sometimes know as the Republican establishment, was the one who said we conservatives should concentrate only on the economy and then after America was once again prosperous, we could pay attention to social issues.

Blue in the face conservatives warned time and again that there can be no split between social and fiscal conservatism. Time and again holistic conservatives — those who see conservatism as principled polity affecting all segments and classes of society — have explained that conservative principles are inextricably intertwined. They have argued that morality cannot be compartmentalized but must be applied to a cohesive weltanschauung if is to be a strong foundation for the societal edifice. Time and again conservatives with a comprehensive worldview have warned that separating out economic issues from the rest will inevitably weaken every other aspect of conservatism.

Time and again conservatives have been told our turn is coming; that if we will just be patient and put issues like abortion, public education, immigration, and foreign policy on the back burner while the fiscal and economic issues are addressed, we will have our day.

Well, now we know that even the economic issues will not be addressed, nor will government get smaller — at least not in any meaningful way.

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