Five Interesting Articles about Ancient (and not so ancient) Rome

Editor’s note: After reading the first article linked below I noticed four others that were linked after it on the page. Here are links to all five:

Antoninus Pius: The Greatest Roman Emperor You’ve Never Heard of
Antoninus Pius, while imperfect, for the most part ruled with prudence, restraint, and moderation.

Caligula: Plumbing the Depths of Ancient Tyranny
The history of Rome is a case study in just how much power can corrupt a person, and Caligula is likely the case in point.

The Roman Republic of 1849: Lessons from a Five-Month Country
The heroes of that brief moment in time who tried to make central Italy a somewhat freer place should be remembered for all time.

How Roman Historians Explained the Fall of Rome
They lived in ancient Rome and knew its traditions and shortcomings first-hand.

Nation Building Doesn’t Work. Just Ask Rome.
Rome’s attempt at nation-building ultimately led to its demise.