FLASHBACK: Moral neutrality is no longer a practical policy

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Moral neutrality is no longer a practical policy

October 7, 2010

“My dear Rick, when will you realize that in this world today isolationism is no longer a practical policy?”

~ Said by Signor Ferrari to Richard Blain in the movie “Casablanca.”

The failure of most Republican politicians to do any deep thinking on any issue during the past couple of decades helped bring about the presidency of Barack Obama. Here in Illinois, the result has been the long-running tenure of state House Speaker Democrat Mike Madigan, and the governorships of Rod Blagojevich and Pat Quinn.

Note that I said that Republicans failed to do “deep thinking on any issue.” It’s not just the economic issues they dropped the ball on. How well have Republicans communicated the way they would like to reform entitlements or the health care system? We all know our Congressional Republicans did a miserable job explaining the war in Iraq – and now they’re duplicating that grave error concerning Afghanistan.

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