FLASHBACK: Political battlefields to reach the middle third

dispatchesarchiveYes, I predicted a second Obama term before the first one began — see the closing line.

Political battlefields to reach the middle third

June 17, 2008

Historians tell us that during the founding era about one-third of the population didn’t favor separation from Britain, a third was ardently for separation, and a third was ambivalent. Today the fractions are similar in that a third of the public can be counted on by each political party. The battle each election is about who can win most of that independent third.

Kimberley Strassel recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal that Barack Obama’s political skills pose a big challenge for Republicans as they fight for those voters:

“To GOP strategists’ frustration, focus groups still show that many people don’t know what Mr. Obama proposes policy-wise – and don’t care. They are drawn to his promise to move past political business as usual.”


Fortunately, Republicans have still managed enough electoral success in recent years to show that the rest of the non-caring demographic can be reached by our side. All fields must be fought on, however, if this is going to happen.


[N]ew thinking has to start with those who hold power — whether it’s elected, party, or bully pulpit power. If it doesn’t start soon, we risk not only a first Obama presidential term but a second one to boot.

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