“FOCA,” Abortion, and the IL GOP’s “no litmus test” approach to life

Illinois state GOP chairman Andy McKenna said he didn’t think Republicans should have a litmus test for its candidates for 2010. So much for the party’s platform, its base, and the entire point of having a political party.

Everyone who thinks we need a new state party chairman raise your hand.

We’ve come to expect this kind of thing from McKenna. What more rank-and-file Illinois Republican voters are realizing is that those who stand behind McKenna – the party’s State Central Committee – and all too many General Assembly members – think the same way as McKenna.

Everyone who believes we need new Republican leadership on our State Central Committee and in the General Assembly raise your hand.

If those other “leaders” disagree with McKenna and think Republican candidates should be judged on their support/lack of support for GOP platform planks, then they need to quit hiding in the tall grass and speak up. Until they do, we’re going to assume they share Andy’s anti-principle world view.

Party leadership matters on all issues. Not just legislative leadership – political party leadership. Right now in Illinois we have what in essence is a one-party state because of the failure of our Republican leaders. This can change – but we need your help. If party politics doesn’t move you to pick up the phone, let’s talk about one of those issues that McKenna and his allies say should be ignored.

Dave Smith at the Illinois Family Institute put out an important alert yesterday – here are excerpts:

IFI Alert: State FOCA Bill Moves to House Floor — Contact Your State Rep. Today!

Pro-Life and Pro-Family citizens must contact their State Representatives in opposition to HB 2354.

Planned Parenthood is working overtime trying to pass pro-abortion legislation — the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) — at the state and federal level. The title of the FOCA bill here in Illinois is the “Reproductive Health and Access Act,” and the bill number is HB 2354

HB 2354 represents a RADICAL & UNPRECEDENTED departure from current Illinois law regarding abortion, public funding of abortion, health care right of conscience, and comprehensive sex education.

HB 2354 will prohibit Illinois government and courts from enforcing our Parental Notification Law — which is currently held up in federal court. HB 2354 quashes any right of conscience for moral reasons related to abortion or contraceptives; and mandates the teaching of age-inappropriate comprehensive sex education to all school children.

In short, if this bill is signed into law, Illinois would become a bloody abortion free-for-all.

Please click here and follow through on the steps required to take action. And while you have your senator or rep on the phone, please tell them to support SB 600 – the bill that will finally open up the Republican Party to new leadership. Click here to learn more about SB600.

Of course, if you’re still not moved – or if all of this is still kind of vague to you – click the following to watch a video titled – “Everyone Against Abortion, Raise Your Hand.”

The fact is, through their actions, your Illinois Republican Party Chairman and most members of your Republican State Central Committee will not be raising their hands because they don’t think there should be any “litmus test.”

Again, click here to learn more about SB600 and the importance of Direct Elections.

©2009 John F. Biver