for Raheem…


Thanks for the response and sorry I’m slow to get back with you. You already
have the best link I know of in Illinois–Doug Ibendahl at Republican News
Watch is a friend of mine. Though I’m not sure what he has written there is up
to date.

The problem for all of these folks who want to engage is that for the most
part they are embarking on suicide missions. There is no over-arching support
organization for them to connect with that can guide them as they step into
the fray. The GOP here (as I’m sure in many other places) typically “doesn’t
want nobody nobody sent.”

Steve Bannon and his team are the best (Bannon is Breitbart’s and Limbaugh’s
successor in one guy!).

Unfortunately for the most part, those running wishful thinking tanks and
501c4 fake “action” orgs…have no clue about the scale of the ground level
problem. Elections, as you know, are not won through non-profits or talk radio
or podcasts or op eds or conferences or rallies or protests or parades
or…(the list goes on and on).

Someone in the donor class needs to fund a new kind of organization in every
state that focuses on getting REAL ELECTION WORK accomplished.

The last election was stolen by at least thousands of people around the
country who were paid well to help with the fraud. It continues to amaze me
that our side thinks the Tea Party business model of untrained and unsupported
volunteers can defeat the well paid and well trained leftist ground troops.

Frankly, I’ve basically written a book on the topic of why the Republican
Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) continues to fail America (leading to
lost elections and horrible policy decisions like Afghanistan).

I admire and applaud your efforts–but something more is needed to make your
efforts truly succeed.

The good news is that there are plenty of people ready to step up and do the
needed work–and there is plenty of money in the RCIC to fund what needs to be
funded (and can’t be left to “volunteers” because that strategy cannot be made
to work).

The problem with the RCIC funds is that those running the RCIC and making a
good living from it have very little interest in doing real election work and
the donor class has its head up its @$$ and continues to listen to and fund
people and organizations that are never held accountable for decades of

Oops, don’t mean to send you a copy of my unpublished book!

To close, we need a political-cultural reformation on our side and there very
few people like you in positions of power who understand what is needed. It’s
a parallel I wouldn’t use publicly–but you don’t take Europe back from the
Nazis without ground troops.

Sorry for the long message.

You’re a busy guy but if you want to talk on the phone, text me a

I can talk on this topic for days because I have studied the problem up close
for years as very few others have. One amazing example of stupidity–one of
our big midwestern donors funds Restoration PAC which does nice work but only
really produces video ads thinking that somehow video ads on their new focus
of election integrity will somehow produce election integrity. They spent $19
million last cycle and won nothing–and they show no sign that they will
decide to instead fund real election work this cycle. You get my drift.

Oops I’ll stop! Again–thank you for your work and let me know if you want to

John Biver

P.S. Donald Trump would understand what I’m talking about because he knows
buildings don’t get built via talk radio, podcasts, op eds, wishful thinking
tanks…etc.! I think Bannon would as well, as would Steve Cortes–but a
nobody like me has almost no chance of connecting with them.