Foreigners do commit more crime than natives: A dispatch from Europe

Here is another simple fact that conservatives are failing to reach the public with because conservatives refuse to wake up to their failure in the information war:

The politically correct mainstream narrative is clear – foreigners do not commit more crime than the native population in Europe.

But this storyline is wrong, as shown by the most recent release of crime statistics from the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat).

Eurostat provides data on the number of prisoners within European nation-states by citizenship.  A close look at the numbers reveals that a massive proportion of those incarcerated across Europe are foreign nationals.

In countries such as Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein, 70% or more of all prisoners are those with foreign citizenship.  Similarly high levels are found in many other nations across the continent, including Greece (60%), Austria (49%), Italy (35%), Sweden and Spain (32%), Norway (30%), Denmark (27%), France (21%), and the Netherlands (19%), among others.

In general, the nations of Europe are spending an extraordinary amount of resources incarcerating foreigners within their individual territories.

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