Former Facebook Workers Confess: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

This news story should surprise no one. The only question is what’s the political right’s answer to it? They have no answer — since they’re not about the business of creating new pipelines for information to reach more Americans.

Here are just a few posts about the “scandal.”

Former Facebook Workers Confess: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News

Former Facebook employees are speaking out about how liberal biases pervading the company led them to suppress conservative news and push their own agenda via the social network’s “trending topics” sidebar.

Last week, Gizmodo published a story revealing the way Facebook employees selected which stories were included and which were ignored in their trending topics sidebar.

The topics aren’t selected by an auto-generated algorithm, but by young, Ivy League-educated journalists called “news curators.” These individuals were instructed to adhere to the company’s biased guidelines and enabled to let their own agendas run amok. These individuals revealed they were instructed to blackball conservative publications like The Blaze and Brietbart.

Now it turns out that the plot to suppress conservative news actually runs much deeper than just ignoring conservative sites. Gizmodo reports that news curators were instructed to ignore certain news topics or events altogether, and told to place items on the list that Facebook users weren’t actually talking about enough to make the topics trend.

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