Fracking Facts: What Do We Know About Hydraulic Fracturing?

Great information like this needs to reach more people — here is the text of a recent email from The Heartland Institute, as well as the first video in the series (for the others follow the link below):

Isaac Orr, research fellow at The Heartland Institute, dispels some myths regarding the health effects of hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking. Recent studies heralded by the Colorado School of Public Health and the New York Department of Health claimed fracking resulted in birth defects in children residing near welling sites and higher rates of hospitalization in rural Pennsylvania. Orr explains that these studies were not credible because of faulty and insufficient research. Watch the latest installment in the Fracking Facts video series, and learn the truth about fracking and its health impacts.

To watch the sixth video, “Health Effects of Fracking,” click here.

Isaac Orr is a research fellow for energy and environment policy at The Heartland Institute, speaking and writing about hydraulic fracturing, frac sand mining, and agricultural and environmental issues. He studied political science and geology at the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, where he won awards for his undergraduate geology research. Orr went on to become a lead-office writer and policy advisor on frac sand mining and agricultural issues in the Wisconsin State Senate.

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Here is the first in the series, “What is Fracking?”:

Here is the full series as planned:

1. What is Fracking?

2. Benefits of Fracking

3. The Environmental Impact of Fracking

4. Not in My Backyard

5. Fracking and Global Warming

6. Health Effects of Fracking

7. Benefits of Frac Sand Mining

8. Ban Fracking?

All of them are linked at The Heartland Institute.