From the Information War to the Ground War: It is Wake Up Time for Republican and Conservative Donors

Yesterday a new series of articles was started here at Dispatches. Here is a preview of some of the topics that will be addressed in upcoming posts. The purpose of them will be to examine why Republicans and conservatives continue to lose when they should win, and why even Republican controlled states often do not actually enact genuine reform policies.

Another reason is to look at how all those political and non profit donations are being spent. I pray that the big donors wake up to just how much of their money is wasted by the recipients of those dollars. Their poor decisions have led to failure and the ongoing destruction of our state and country.

Examples of Topic Areas

The Republican Conservative Industrial Complex:

From campaign consultants to think tanks and other non profits to issue advocacy organizations to political action committees (few of which actually fund real election work), the industry is quite extensive and many organizations have been around for decades. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent yearly–and almost none of it actually funds the only work that wins elections (which is conducted at the ground level).

The best possible career path within this industry is to become a “Director of Development,” that is the person in charge of fundraising. While the reach and effectiveness of most of these groups is quite limited, typically their fundraising efforts are quite good.

Personnel is Policy:

While many well-meaning people populate the ranks of Republican and conservative politics, most of those well-meaning people have never taken the time to figure out what the genuine problems are in American politics. You cannot advance policy without governing majorities. And until our donors fund efforts that will actually elect governing majorities, those donors are wasting their money.

After decades of experience in Republican and conservative politics, it is easy to see the problems when it comes to personnel regarding profiteers, grifters, ignoramuses, sociopaths and those whose ridiculously out-sized egos limit any potential their intellectual ability might otherwise have afforded them.

The Bad Judgment of the Big Donor Class:

In Republican and conservative politics, one need not succeed to continually garner the support of the mega-donors. Why? Unlike in the world of for-profit business, accountability is a foreign concept in politics. Victories are not what win support, but rather the ability on the part of fundraisers to cause a thrill to run up the leg of donors.

In the past, this website has featured other series—such as how our side continues to fail to win the information war because it does not know how to fight it. I also penned a 17-part series on what state and local Republican Party Organizations should be doing. Over time I will provide links to those and other topics I have addressed—articles that continue to remain relevant.

If you know a big political donor, you might want to alert them to this upcoming opportunity for a free education. It might be the best thing you ever do in the fight to save our state and the nation.

About me:

This writer worked at the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C., when Lee Atwater was chairman, as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill, and has served as a Precinct Captain in Cook County, and as an elected Precinct Committeeman in Kane County, where I was a involved in two different township organizations. I have also served as the president of a 501c3, and worked for and around other non profits and PACs. I have managed campaigns and have been involved with many campaigns at the state and local level.

Up next: How to alleviate suffering caused by elected officials.

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