Gary Bauer: It’s the Perception of the Republican Economic Agenda that Costs Us Elections

Three excerpts from Bill Kristol’s recent interview of Gary Bauer:

On “Main Street” conservatism
BAUER: “I bristle at how often conservatism gets linked with corporations that are in bed with big government. When I look at those corporations, I seldom see them doing anything that I would define as friendly to conservatism. I hope our future presidential candidates talk a lot more about the workers in America and the middle class in America than they do about the corporate suites of America.”

On conventional wisdom and the Republicans
BAUER: “I’ve always felt that it’s the perception of the Republican economic agenda, and by linkage, the conservative economic agenda, that holds us back – not our foreign policy views, not our views on values or on marriage, the sanctity of life, and many other things that the conventional wisdom says is the reason we’re not winning elections.”

On foreign policy
BAUER: “A conservatism that avoids any neo-isolationist tendencies is extremely important. We had a whole generation of Republicans in the 1930s who lost any chance for political careers because they made an isolationist case that might have fit the tenor of the times, but after Pearl Harbor they looked like fools…And I certainly wouldn’t want to see Republicans make that mistake today.”

You can watch the entire interview or excerpts here.