‘Gay Marriage’: Establishment of Religion By the State

From Lisa Graas:

Those who support the First Amendment’s protection of the free expression of religion are often accused of attempting to establish theocracy (state religion.) The opposite is the case. We do not need government to tell people that marriage between one man and one woman is okay. EVERYONE agrees that it is. The state is not forcing people to believe it is okay. Everyone already believes it is okay. But not everyone agrees that “gay marriage” is okay, and because beliefs about marriage are religious in nature, when states decide that “gay marriage” is okay, the state is establishing a value that differs from ours.


These demands by government officials that the existence of traditional marriage is somehow robbing others of something is a lie. We all agree that traditional marriage is valid. We do not all agree that “gay marriage” is valid. In this, it is politicians who are imposing a religious belief on everyone when they support “gay marriage.” Since everyone agrees that traditional marriage is okay, there is no imposition on anyone when government recognizes it.

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