Gender Bender Insanity

From Bill Muehlenberg:

If you want to destroy a society, just target its sexual norms and values. If you can subvert and pervert human sexuality you can effectively kill a culture. We are seeing this played out before our very eyes right now. The bitter fruit of the sexual revolution of the 60s is still being manifest, and it does not look pretty.

The sexual anarchists knew that they could fundamentally transform a culture by unleashing a no-holds-barred sexual revolution. And it has been every bit as momentous and far-reaching as the various communist revolutions of last century.

Of course our elites and intellectualoids are living in denial about all this, pretending nothing is amiss here. But as Mary Eberstadt said in her 2012 volume, Adam and Eve after the Pill, “The similarities between today’s intellectual denials of the costs of the sexual revolution and yesterday’s intellectual denials of the costs of communism are striking.”

Of course many have been warning about all this for decades now. Back in 1956 Harvard sociologist Pitirim Sorokin wrote The American Sex Revolution. In it he said: “This sex revolution is as important as the most dramatic political or economic upheaval. It is changing the lives of men and women more radically than any other revolution of our time. . . . Any considerable change in marriage behavior, any increase in sexual promiscuity and sexual relations, is pregnant with momentous consequences. A sex revolution drastically affects the lives of millions, deeply disturbs the community, and decisively influences the future of society.”

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