George W. Bush’s Decision to Invade Iraq Was Correct

I don’t agree with everything Gene Schwimmer writes in the above-titled article, but he’s right on the main point. And there is no more glaring failure on the part of Republicans and conservatives to fight the information war than how miserably we did communicating to the American people what was at stake in Iraq.

In late 2007 I compiled a 12-part series with the words of the experts — it’s still worth reading: Notes on the War in Iraq.

Here’s Schwimmer writing at American Thinker:

Invading Iraq and removing Saddam Hussein gave us a stable Iraq that would still be stable had Barack Obama not cut and run. It denied jihadists a fertile recruiting and training ground, not to mention a cache of deadly chemical weapons. It also nipped a nascent nuclear program, sparing us the doubly sordid spectacle of Barack Obama and John Kerry giving away the store to two hostile countries on the verge of developing a nuclear capability.

And it gave us an ideal staging area, with hundreds of thousands of U.S. troops and associated materiel already in place, from which to invade Iran, remove the mad mullahs, and destroy the Revolutionary Guard and Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities along with them, a mission that – and this is the real lesson of the Iraq War – our experience in Iraq taught us could have been accomplished in three weeks.

One of George W. Bush’s most positive personality traits is that he is humble. One of his most negative traits is that he is, sometimes, too humble. An arrogant president, such as the one we’re stuck with for another ten months, would have shouted his vindication from the rooftops. Sadly, George W. Bush has chosen silence. But that neither excuses nor forgives his detractors, including, especially including, the pseudo-Republican Donald Trump, who, onstage at a Republican debate, shamelessly parroted the Democratic “Bush lied, people died” meme.

And it especially does not justify a red-faced, bloviating cry-bully telling our Iraq veterans and the parents of all too many who did not return, at a Republican debate, that the soldiers who fought and died there fought and died in vain – at least, before Barack Obama took the Oath of Office.

Bush did not lie, and his decision to invade Iraq was right. Hell, it was prescient.

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Image credit: Bridge to Al Zunbria/U.S. Army soldiers cross a bridge to Al Zunbria, Iraq, Dec. 29, 2007, to increase security near their area of operations. The soldiers are from 30th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division. Department of Defense photo.