Get Involved Locally. You Might Just Save the Country.

Written by Illinois Family Action‘s David E. Smith:

Lest you think Illinois Family Action is being overly dramatic with that headline, you should know that we borrowed it from The Daily Signal, the news publication of the renowned Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C.

In the article, writer Slade O’Brien lays out an encouraging argument for Americans to get involved:

While much of the media focuses on lawmakers in Washington clunking heads and getting little done, the common narrative has been that change is a pipedream.

But great change is afoot. They just need to look outside Washington to find it.

At the local and state levels, citizen leaders, armed with a belief in economic freedom and individual liberty, have experienced historic successes over the past few years.

“These days,” O’Brien writes, “Americans are paying greater attention to the political process and getting increasingly frustrated.” Unfortunately, too many people “yell at the nightly news” and then “do nothing.” “It’s not laziness or a shirking of civic responsibility, O’Brien explains, often “they just have no clue how or where to begin.”

If you live in Cook County, including inside the City of Chicago, a group of local activists want to help you find a pathway for getting involved. This is from their website:

The Chicago Republican Party is Recruiting 2018 Candidates!

We are actively seeking individuals throughout the city and near suburbs to run for office. We want strong, professional, persuasive Republicans to take the lead in their community and run for office.

If you get through our vetting process you will receive training and support. We’ll help you get on the ballot and help you win in November.

It’s not easy for a Republican to win in Chicago, but it’s possible, and we will be there with you every step of the way.

Note that their effort includes the near suburbs. Like Slade O’Brien, these people make a good case for your participation:

Why run?

Because voters need a choice.

Because you will become well-known in your community.

Because you will join a group of friends who think like you.

Because *you might win*.

Interested? Send an email to [email protected].

Slade O’Brien listed examples in his article that show the momentum at the local level is encouraging. “But in our system,” he writes, “government goes to those who show up. The fight for freedom requires constant vigilance.”

We need effective grassroots leaders who understand the vision of a free society to step up, and show like-minded friends and neighbors how to channel their frustration into productive action.

Democratic politicians in Cook County and in the City of Chicago expect no opposition to their liberal big government agenda.  It’s time to offer voters in these jurisdictions a conservative alternative.  It is time to RESIST.

Please contact the Chicago Republican Party and join the fight. “It’s going to take thousands of local leaders to grow a movement of millions,” and your efforts are needed. IFA agrees with Slade O’Brien:

“Get involved.
You just might save the country.”

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