Get Rid of the Third Parties in Health Care, and I Guarantee You It’ll Be Priced Affordably

EIB NetworkRush Limbaugh is so right here!:

How many times have I detailed for you how much money I save not using insurance. I just go to doctor, go to hospital, negotiate the price, and walk out of there and pay for it. A lot of people can do this. You don’t have to have tons of money to be able to do this, take installment plan payments like everybody else does. But everybody’s so conditioned that they can’t get treated unless they’ve got health insurance. Everybody’s like sheep in this, can’t even have an average doctor visit without insurance. I think it is a crying shame. I think it is literally a disservice to the people of this country what’s been done, attitudinally. There is, I would say, easily a huge majority, vast majority, of people who believe that without health insurance they’re gonna die. That’s why it’s such a big deal to people.


[E]very day, multiple times a day, the people of this country are inundated with what’s gonna kill them, what’s gonna make ’em sick. And they believe it all. Otherwise these fad foodstuff wouldn’t get started and have a life. But it does. And so health insurance, I mean, it’s such a big thing it can determine who wins and loses elections. And the answer to it is right there in the free market, like that Wall Street Journal piece said yesterday, and I’ve commented on several times. Get rid of the third-party payer. Reestablish a relationship between the product or service and the consumer, the customer paying for it. If there’s no third party, I’ll guarantee you it’ll be priced in such a way that people can afford it.A business will not stay in business if it charges prices nobody can pay. Well, the health industry charges prices nobody can pay, but that’s okay because somebody makes the payment. And they get it back in your health insurance policy. You’re paying for it one way or the other. You’re just not paying for it directly. You’re going through a third-party, we all are. Everybody is paying whatever the Band-Aid in the hospital is, $60, I forget. You’re paying that because somebody’s willing to pay it. The government, an insurance company, somebody’s willing to pay it, and the reason they’re willing to pay it is because they’re able to get it back from you, except you don’t think you’re buying a $60 Band-Aid. You think you’re buying your life with your health insurance policy.

So Obama comes along, takes something that was already broken and has decided to destroy it, under the guise while telling people they’re gonna keep whatever they like and they’re gonna get rid of whatever they don’t like. And what he’s doing is doing nothing but totally creating chaos and anxiety, because this is a left-winger wet dream, health insurance. That equals total control over people’s lives. Paying for their health care treatment, paying for their health gives you total control over the way they live. You own ’em. They will do whatever you tell ’em to do and they won’t do whatever you tell ’em not to do. And that’s how totalitarians routinely attempt to gain total control over the behavior of their populations, nationalized health care.

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