Getting to Election Integrity and then Governing Majorities

After a month of being “off the grid,” I returned to the fray to find my email inbox full of the usual exclusive! news stories and groundbreaking! investigations, earth-shattering! studies and never-before-seen-in-this-galaxy! policy proposals, inciteful! commentary articles and of course, countless pleas for funds to help produce more of the above.

A scene from HBO’s series “Band of Brothers” came to my mind as I waded through all of that. Fans might remember the scene in episode 8 where two of the main characters are discussing an order from the higher-ups for a second raid to secure prisoners who might reveal important information about the Nazi plans. On the first raid, an American soldier was killed, so the two officers are not convinced a second raid, so close to the end of hostilities, is worth the risk:

Major Richard “Dick” Winters:
So he knows we lost a man?

Captain Lewis Nixon:
Yeah, he knows. He also knows you picked up two prisoners who talked.

Major Winters:
About what?

Captain Nixon:
OB, supply trouble, Hitler’s favorite color.
I don’t know. None of it gets us across the river.

Major Winters:
What’s the point?

Captain Nixon:
[Colonel] Sink’s been on the phone all day, bragging it up. I think he’s just showing off now.
I don’t know what to tell you.
You gave him a successful patrol, now he wants two.

Major Winters:
(Said sarcastically and dismissively) Successful.

The higher-ups in the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex are ever-ready to boast about their “successes” and those of their organizations—how much information they have produced, the supposed reach of their talk radio shows and podcasts, the size of their email lists, and the award winning! videos they produce.

Too bad none of it gets us across the river. In other words, none of it comes anywhere near to sufficiently moving public opinion or accomplishing real election work. How can I say that?

Two reasons. One: take Donald Trump and his policies out of the picture and ask yourself, how many people would the Republican Conservative Industrial Complex (RCIC) be reaching and winning over? Two: (I realize the repetition gets tiresome) what happened in the swing states on election night November 3, 2020?

When you can’t guarantee real elections—you’re pretty much a failure and the work you’re doing probably isn’t as important as you think it is.

Like so many excellent conservative websites, American Thinker has been covering the election fraud as it is being revealed—here are two articles I just came across:

When a State’s Secretary of State is in on Voter Fraud

Did over 100,000 people older than 124 years vote in Wisconsin?

What makes the RCIC’s continuing failure worse is that so many “leaders” within the RCIC do not believe (despite the increasing evidence) that voter and election fraud is a major problem. You can’t fix what you don’t believe is broken.

Of course these days, many of the biggest dimwitted individuals and organizations have discovered that the topic of election integrity is great for fundraising. And as usual, the donor class gets a thrill up its leg and falls for the charade that claims the massive amount of work needed to guarantee honest elections is now getting accomplished.

At some point, those producing the news stories, investigations, studies, policies, and commentaries might want to wake up and face the music regarding what political power is and how it is obtained.

Short of that, despite the growing number of America First supporters entering the political arena at some level, it is going to take more election cycles than it should to begin to elect governing majorities.

All that said, there are signs that some of our “higher-ups” are starting to realize their attention is required. Note the recent recruitment day by the Republican National Committee calling for volunteers to help oversee elections.

It’s a start, but there is a long way to go.

Up next: Those Who Donate Large Sums to Politics are both the Problem and the Solution.

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Image credit: HBO’s Band of Brothers.