Getting to know the so-called “education professionals”

My last post contained important information for getting to know your Illinois Republican Party better. This one is also helpful in that regard. When is the last time you heard an elected Illinois Republican official speak up about the curriculum outrages in our taxpayer funded schools?

If the information in the following post from doesn’t tick you off, you’re in a coma like most of our GOP “leaders.”

Education as indoctrination

For some time now, children have been encouraged by educators to challenge their parents views and instructions, especially those that differ from school curriculum or the general mindset and practice of faculty members. With sexual orientation being taught to fifth graders and sterilization for girls in college, America’s education system may be the last place one would want to shape a young, impressionable mind. Even just recently, it was revealed that a Chicago public high school is holding courses (many during regular school hours, no less) on the following mind-blowing topics: Occupy Wall Street, “gender fluidity,” social justice, “Harvesting the Dream” DREAM Act voter registration, nonviolent protest and more…

And they deserve taxpayer funded pensions?