Gingrich: The GOP is ‘inarticulate,’ ‘doesn’t like to read books’


[Newt Gingrich] also took a direct shot at the political party whose presidential nomination he continues to seek, calling the GOP “a party that’s inarticulate.”

“The Republican Party is a managerial party that doesn’t like to fight, doesn’t like to read books,” he said. “This is why the Tea Party was so horrifying. Tea Partiers were actually learning about the Declaration of Independence. They wanted to talk about the Federalist Papers. It was weird. They could be golfing.”

Uh, Newt, it’s worse than that. As I noted here, the Republican Party is in a lot worse shape than people want to admit. Inarticulate? Doesn’t want to read books?

Heck, they don’t even want to read briefing memos that would have been informing them, for at least the past fifteen years, about how things are continually getting worse – even while they hold power. Had they known things were getting continually worse, maybe they would’ve known to act differently.

We’ve got think tanks and issue advocacy organizations from coast to coast that for decades have been making the case for free markets, limited government, and have taught how the Founding Fathers warned us that morality mattered if you wanted a civilized country and healthy economy.

Imagine if Republican Party leaders had the brain power to realize that hey, we spend hundreds of millions or more during each election cycle in campaigns and it doesn’t seem to have any lasting impact on public opinion.  If they had, they would have fired all of the political consultants and instead reached out to people who knew what they were doing, namely, private sector professionals who could successfully handle their communications efforts.

Every day new products are launched and old products are repackaged and improved to keep sales up. Marketing, advertising, and public relations pros know how to connect – and keep connecting – with a busy population. I’ve been saying this for many years, but I’ll keep saying it until it’s heard.

What do our GOP leaders know? Let me put it this way: they don’t even know that spending bills originate in the U.S. House of Representatives and therefore, while they control it, the debt clock need not continue to speed us all towards the fiscal cliff.

You’d have to read the Constitution to know that.

And then you’d have to understand how to win public support for stopping the insanity.

But our Republican leaders would rather be advancing their own careers, building their own fiefdoms, amassing their own fortunes,  or staring in a mirror and marveling at God’s gift to mankind that’s looking back at them.

Newt also said the GOP doesn’t like to fight. Fight for what, Newt? In their minds, once they win their election there’s really nothing more to fight for since it’s all about holding office and feeling good about your own importance. Advancing public policy solutions? Oh please. Don’t be so idealistic, Newt. Go play a round of golf.