Global Persecution of Christians Worsening

Unless you read the conservative press I’m guessing you don’t know about this due to the failure of Republicans and conservatives to fight seriously in the information war. From Andrew E. Harrod:

An “unprecedented escalation of violence against Christians…the most violent and sustained attack on Christian faith in modern history” occurred in 2015, stated Open Doors USA President David Curry on January 13 in Washington, DC.  HisNational Press Club (NPC) presentation before about 30 of his organization’s annual World Watch List (WWL) only confirmed depressing global trends in Christian persecution noted by his 2015 NPC WWL presentation.

“Last year,” states online the World Watch List report on the 50 worst countries for Christian persecution, “it was noted that 2014 had been an unprecedented year in Christian persecution, and Open Doors predicted that it would only get worse.”  Curry noted that the report’s timespan (November 1, 2014, to October 31, 2015, as described in a distributed fact sheet) had witnessed “persecution continuing to increase, intensify, and spread across the globe.”  The 2016 World Watch List map indicated so much, as more ominously uniform tones of blood red, orange, and brown had replaced the 2015 World Watch List map’s more varied colors of red, orange, green, and blue.

Curry stated that 2016 was the hardest year ever for a country to make the World Watch List and the fact sheet noted that the “threshold to enter the list rose by nearly five points” on Open Doors’ 100-point scale.  “Sri Lanka and Mauritania dropped off the list despite situations not improving in either country,” stated the fact sheet.  A press release noted that an “average persecution increase in the top 50 nations of 2.6 points compared to last year.”

Even excluding North Korea and parts of Iraq and Syria due to deficient records, grim figures substantiated the press release’s claim that “Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world.”  “More than 7,000 Christians were killed worldwide for faith-related reasons in the reporting period, an increase of nearly 3,000 compared to the 2015” World Watch List, stated the press release.  “More than 2,400 churches were attacked or damaged, which is more than double the number from last year’s list.” United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom David Saperstein similarly noted in his remarks Pew statistics showing three quarters of the world’s population living under religious restrictions.

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