What goes on at a school ‘gay straight alliance’ club event? Here’s the horrific truth.

How many of our fellow Americans know about this? Few, due to the failure of Christians and conservatives to properly fight the information war. Here’s Brian Cameker — it’s a three-part series:

What goes on in the “gay straight alliance” clubs in high schools – and now in middle schools – across the country? What happens to kids that are persuaded to join them? We had a chance to see it up close – at one of their statewide events. And it’s worse than anyone realizes.

As we’ve often warned people, these clubs bring kids into contact with radical adults, bizarre homosexual and transgender activists, sexually oriented literature and paraphernalia, and a heavy dose of destructive LGBT ideology.

On Saturday, May 21, 2016 the “Massachusetts Youth Pride” event was held at Boston City Hall Plaza. It’s an annual gathering for middle school and high school “gay straight alliance” (GSA) clubs across the state.

The event is organized by various outside adult homosexual and transgender activist groups. It receives financial support from the state government, including the state-funded (adult-run) Massachusetts Commission for LGBTQ Youth.

A day of LGBT “entertainment,” propaganda, and activism

It started with a “pride festival” that included entertainment for the kids and dancing, with numerous LGBT adults mingling. Set up next to that were booths by run by a range of LGBT-related organizations handing out condoms, literature, buttons, books, and other paraphernalia to the kids.

At noon, the adults and kids gathered for the annual “Youth Pride Parade.” They marched through the streets of downtown Boston, past the State House, and back to City Hall. Then in the evening the City of Boston opened up City Hall for a “gay / transgender youth prom”.

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