A political party in name only

If you’re to the right politically, aghast at what the Obama Administration is doing, and frustrated with the gross ineffectiveness of Republicans in Illinois who aren’t able to toss out corrupt and failed Democrats, you’re a member of a growing club.

Like a lot of clubs, though, this one is, as of yet, still mostly consisting of complainers and protesters instead of people involved in constructive political action.

This website has been posting articles for a long time outlining practical steps that we see as necessary for turning our state and nation around.

Many new people will be needed to put together the kind of political force required to help elect a higher caliber of candidate to office. The Illinois Republican Party at the state level is dysfunctional. At the local level, more often than not what exists is a façade. If you watch Glenn Beck, listen to Rush Limbaugh, or are involved with one of the many “Tea Party” movements, you’re the kind of person the GOP desperately needs to remove that façade.

Doing what? I’ve outlined a good number of suggestions in a series of articles found here. The Republican Party is supposed to be, in essence, a message and messengers. In Illinois — and too often nationally — it has been neither.

The path to the triumph of conservative principles will be inside the Republican Party — not outside of it. For thirty years conservatives have worked outside — it’s time to move in.

We can’t fix the nation — or our state — or even our local governments – without first cleaning up our own political back yard. There is no need to whine about the liberal media in the age of the Internet and talk radio. And no one is stopping a group of concerned citizens from carrying their message door to door.

If you think the country is speeding down this wrong road of excessive government and debt by accident, you are mistaken. The political left has been serious about disseminating their information, electing their candidates, financing their interest groups, and making things “political possible” towards their own aims.

It’s time for the political right to rise to the challenge.

President John Kennedy reminded us that we are heirs of that first Revolution in the 1770s. Now we have to act like it. Founding father Thomas Paine said:

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.

In simple terms – we’ve got too many ineffectual, uninspired, and poorly motivated elected Republicans in office. We won’t get better ones and build on their work without a real Republican Party manned by volunteers who demand accountability from those they elect. Without such a party, the same old crew (and their descendents) will continue to get away with incompetence and laziness.

The “Grand Old Party” isn’t grand any more — but it can be if enough good people step up and engage. Your help is needed to build the Republican Party into the kind of political force that is able to enact policy solutions rooted on the principles of its platform.

There’s plenty to complain about — but just complaining doesn’t get us anywhere. Action is needed.

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