If GOP blows November election, its anti-conservative strategy will be to blame

From L. Brent Bozell:

We are watching the wheels come off the most radical and dangerously incompetent administration in history. “I am not on the ballot this fall,” President Obama proclaims, “but make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”

This statement should be the final nail in the coffin for the Democrats. The GOP should be poised to win a landslide of historic proportions.

So why is there so much debate over whether they’ll win — at all?

The answer is crystal clear. The Republican Party needed only to choose any one of a number of national issues and campaign on them, offering the voters a clear conservative alternative. But the tepid GOP leadership has not chosen not to do so, fearing any debate over their party’s own policies. The result? The moderates responsible for this political cowardice — and that is what it is — are now in preemptive damage control mode, trying to blame conservatives.

If Republicans are not victorious next month, it will not be the fault of the conservative base. The moderates and their consultants will own this disaster.

The fumbled opportunities are mind-boggling.

In one poll after another, a vast majority of Americans want real border security and oppose blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

Still, Obama has all but pledged that after the elections he’ll issue amnesty through executive order, defying the Constitution and popular opinion. It should be manna from heaven for Republicans who need only to pledge, with one voice, to stop this. And yet the GOP leadership, led by John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy continues to give oxygen to the amnesty debate. So too did Eric Cantor – the now former Majority Leader.

The Republicans could deliver a landslide victory simply by pledging to honor the rule of law.

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