Gov. Abbott of Texas Should Say ‘No’

One of the positive byproducts of last week’s foolish and extra-legal Supreme Court diktat is that more Americans are going to learn the role the Founding Fathers intended for the Supreme Court. It will be an education especially for graduates of America’s liberal/progressive law schools, where the Constitution isn’t taught — and thus many if not most lawyers mistakenly think that America is governed by a nine person oligarchy.

Here is Silvio Canto, Jr. writing at American Thinker:

Over the last few weeks, I’ve heard Governor Huckabee say that he won’t bow to the Supreme Court.  He went farther today:

Constitution, we have three, coequal branches of government. The courts can interpret law but cannot create it. The ruling still requires congressional funding and executive branch enforcement. The Supreme Court is not the “Supreme Branch,” and it is certainly not the Supreme Being. If they can unilaterally make law, and just do whatever they want, then we have judicial tyranny.

Throughout our nation’s history, the court has abused its power and delivered morally unconscionable rulings. They have rationalized the destruction of innocent human life, defined African Americans as property and justified Japanese-American internment camps. U.S. presidents, including Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, ignored Supreme Court rulings, rejecting the notion that the Supreme Court can circumvent the Constitution and “make law.”

I also reject the idea of “judicial supremacy” as just another flawed, failed feature of big government, inconsistent with what our founders fought a revolution to establish.

I’m not endorsing Governor Huckabee.  I am instead calling on Governor Abbott of Texas to stand up to this ruling by saying something like this…

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Image credit: — Texas Governor Greg Abbott (seated) signs the Pastor Protection Act into law.