Governor Bobby Jindal is another example of what we’ve been talking about

Every now and then we like to highlight Republicans around the country that are worth watching because they’re demonstrating leadership and providing good examples to follow. In the past we’ve discussed the current governor of Alaska, the former governor of Florida, and Republican legislators in both Florida and Texas.


Now we have another good example to add to the list: Bobby Jindal, the new Governor of Louisiana, and the first Indian-American governor in the nation’s history.


It must be noted first that Louisiana is ranked by the Corporate Crime Reporter as the most corrupt state in the nation. Illinois ranks sixth, so we’re right on their heels.


Despite the sad state of affairs in the Bayou State, Jindal won a runoff election last October and was sworn in on January 14, 2008. Here’s how former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich describes Jindal in an article in Human Events:


With less fanfare than some, and more substance than most, Bobby Jindal was a tireless

advocate of change before “change” became every candidate’s favorite catchphrase…

Just six weeks since being sworn in as Louisiana’s governor, Jindal called the majority Democratic Louisiana legislature into special session to act on one of his main campaign promises: to fix the culture of corruption and cronyism that has long dominated Louisiana politics and damaged Louisiana’s economy.


Newt lists reforms called for by Jindal (here put into bullet points):

  • Transparency of the personal finances of Louisiana elected officials – this would be the the first time in the state’s history.
  • A ban on contracts between state government and legislators and executive branch leaders.
  • To show the nation that Louisiana can henceforth be trusted to spend federal Katrina recovery funds honestly, Jindal called for a ban on state officials and their spouses receiving recovery-related contracts for a year after their government service.

Next, Newt reports, Governor Jindal is calling a special session for cutting business taxes.


Here are a few newspaper headlines and links from Jindal’s website:

Newt includes this from a reporter for the Lafayette Daily Advertiser who wrote,


“Louisiana has adopted a comprehensive plan for ethics reform, something many of us didn’t expect to see in our lifetimes.”


Again, let’s repeat – Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the nation. Forget that old song about New York City – if reform can make it in Louisiana, it can make it anywhere — even in Illinois.


Click here to visit Governor Bobby Jindal’s website.