Governor Pence — a Good Choice for VP

Here are three articles about Donald Trump’s pick for V.P.:

Governor Pence — a Good Choice for VP
By Newt Gingrich

I have known and respected Governor Mike Pence for more than a decade, since he was a smart, principled, conservative member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 2005, Mike and I held an event together at the American Enterprise Institute about “The Future of Conservatism.” I was impressed by his eloquent case for smaller, more accountable government. He was an early critic of the fiscal excesses of Congressional Republicans during the Bush years and of federal overreach in general.

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Trump makes a governing choice
By Hugh Hewitt

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is the friend of all and enemy to none in the conservative movement and the broader GOP. He is smart, experienced and — crucial in this cycle — affable and amiable, the two descriptors least used in 2016 and most needed in the country right now.

You have to work hard not to like Mike Pence. Which is why while in Congress his conservative colleagues made him the chair of the Republican Study Group where the Reaganauts have always gathered, and then the entire Republican caucus — middle, center-right and movement conservatives all — elected him to chair their conference. These jobs do not go either to the ideologically ambiguous in the case of the former or to off-putting self-promoters in the case of the latter. They go to work horses who understand both principles and collegiality. That’s Mike Pence.

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Mike Pence: A Strong VP Choice
Indian Governor maintains strong credentials and will significantly enhance GOP prospects for win in November.
By Ari Lieberman

After two weeks of suspense and speculation, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence to be his running mate. That pivotal decision demonstrates Trump’s continuing transition from showman to statesman. Rather than going with his gut instinct, his decision reflected political prudence and has considerably enhanced the GOP’s prospects for victory in November.

Pence is a strong, unblemished politician with an impressive political record who is quite popular in his home state. With both extensive legislative and executive experience, Pence represents the complete package and his conservative credentials will serve to attract vacillating GOP voters who are still skeptical of Trump. The decision also won extensive praise from GOP leaders who previously expressed reservations about the Republican presumptive nominee.

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