Governor Pence Speaks to El Rushbo: Donald Trump’s Vision Won the Debate

It hasn’t been my habit to join the Twitter wars during an event, but 30 minutes in I thought the VP debate was going so well I tweeted that I thought Mike Pence’s was the best performance I’d seen — and followed up an hour later with this:

Rush Limbaugh had a similar reaction, and yesterday when he spoke with Pence he said this (emphasis added):

RUSH: We’re talking with Governor Pence following his debate performance last night with Senator Kaine. Governor, I want to share with you what I told my audience at the beginning of the program today, what I saw last night in watching your opponent. It became clear to me that they are terrified of what you and Trump and a majority of the American people think.

They’re terrified. You were interrupted 72 times because they do not trust to let the American people hear what you really think. They’re afraid of it.  They’re not allowed… Their purpose is to not permit you to actually speak the things that you believe, ’cause they don’t trust the American people to elect them if they actually know what you and Trump and the rest of us stand for. And that’s what I saw. I thought it was outrageous — and, again, you dealt with it masterfully.

I really do believe that we need to make America more like Mike Pence again.  That’s what I think, after watching you last night. If American politics is what you were last night, then you would have had a lot more people and a lot more faith and trust in it.  And I’m not trying to embarrass you. I really think that.

You can listen to Rush’s interview of Pence and read the transcript of it here.

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