Grassroots Conservatives First Need to Take The Speck Out Of Our Own Eye

Here is John Hawkins:

There’s just something about the swamp gas of D.C. that seems to turn diehard conservatives wimpy, out-of-touch and punishingly dull the moment they get into the GOP leadership. Maybe it’s something the lobbyists are sticking in the hors d’oeuvres at all the fancy cocktail parties they attend. Whatever’s causing it, movement conservatives are entirely justified in being furious at the way the GOP Leadership has behaved over the last few years. The grassroots wanted conservatives who’d represent their interests and they got pod people who spend most of their time servilely catering to Obama and a business lobby that doesn’t have the best interests of the American people at heart.

Unfortunately, for far too many people on our side, this is where their critique of Republicans begins and ends. They start with the premise that the establishment is bad, which is true, but then they go haywire and attribute all bad things to the establishment.

I wish that were true. I wish all we’d need to do to fix the Republican Party, the conservative movement and the country would be to flush Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, John Cornyn and a few other guys along with all their orbiters and everything would be fine. But, it’s not.

That’s because the problems the conservative movement has go a lot deeper than the establishment. Until all of us in flyover country start behaving differently, we’re not going to turn this country around.

For one thing, we need to stop supporting conservative PACs that waste most of the money we give them. Is every conservative PAC doing the wrong thing? No, but you might as well flush money down your toilet as to give it to many of the organizations that are out there. During the last cycle, when we at Right Wing News researched PACs on our side, we found that the bottom 10 took in $54,318, 498 and paid out only $3,621,896. When your performance level is that poor, you’re not helping the conservative movement, you’re hurting it.

What have we done to change our state colleges, which are often hostile environments for conservatives? Are we threatening to pull our kids out of school? Are we pressuring Republican state legislators to cut funds if colleges hire communists and terrorists as professors? Are we doing anything of significance to stop the brainwashing of college kids that is being done with our tax dollars?

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