‘Guilty Men’: Political ineptitude leads to catastrophe

A running theme on this website is that for over twenty years our Republican Party leaders have failed the country miserably and that accountability is needed now more than ever.

The other day in an article by David Pryce-Jones I came across this interesting fact from history:

In 1940, a book with the title “Guilty Men” became a historic marker by naming and shaming the democratic politicians whose ineptitude had allowed the Hitler catastrophe to unfold. What’s wanted now is an onslaught of just that kind to excoriate and drive out of the public arena the politicians whose fantasies about power, lack of insight into human nature, and refusal to acknowledge mistakes, have brought Europe to another perilous pass.

Click here for more information about the book “Guilty Men.”

Today we certainly are living in the midst a lot of similarly guilty men and women. If that statement and parallel to the 1930s strikes you as too extreme, then we disagree about what will happen in the world if the United States continues to decay.

The predicament we find ourselves in as a nation is due to lousy leadership, plain and simple. The way out of it is to recruit and elect competent leaders, plain and simple.

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