Hamas, Gaza and Truth-Telling

From Bill Muehlenberg:

One very telling political cartoon making the rounds shows US Secretary of State John Kerry at a table with a Hamas terrorist and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Hamas militant has a child human shield in one arm with a sheet of demands in the other, saying “Death to all Jews. Kerry, looking to Netanyahu, asks, “Could you at least meet him half way?”

That about sums up most Western thinking about the current conflict in Gaza, and the way the lamestream media portrays this situation. Both are utterly clueless about the real nature of this conflict and the real nature of Hamas. Both tend to think things are overwhelmingly the fault of Israel, and if it would just ease up and negotiate, things might work out.

Umm, no, you do not negotiate with those who have sworn to kill you. The Hamas Charter makes it perfectly clear that it is not a peace deal with Israel they are looking for, but the slaughter of every Jew around. One does not seek compromise with such people.

Yet the pro-Hamas media continues to lie their way through this entire conflict, with one pic after another of wounded children in Gaza. They never bother to ask why such children are being killed and wounded. When Hamas deliberately uses children as human shields, and deliberately places their command and control centres in or near schools, hospitals, mosques and other civilian sites, then of course civilian casualties will occur.

And that is just what they want. They know that the fools from the Western media will film all this and broadcast it around the world, painting Israel as the bad guy. It is as much an example of brilliant propaganda as it is an international war crime.

Yet Western politicians and media still paint all this as a case of Israeli aggression. Never mind the thousands of Hamas missiles raining down on Israeli civilian targets. Never mind the extensive underground tunnels Hamas has been building to enter Israel and cause maximum damage.

An excellent piece on this was just penned by Paul Sheehan, and is worth quoting at length from…

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