Harry Reid’s Koch Brothers Dementia

As usual, I’m sure Rush Limbaugh is right about Harry Reid’s state of mind — but I’d add something to the discussion that Rush didn’t quite get to when he talked about it yesterday. First, here is an excerpt from the transcript at Rush’s website:

RUSH: Everybody’s talking about Donald Sterling being early onset dementia, out of it. Casey Kasem. Somebody needs to seriously examine Harry Reid.

This man has got Kochbrotheritis. I don’t know what else you would call it. Dingy Harry has now suggested a constitutional amendment to limit the Koch brothers’ influence. I mean, he’s over the edge now on this. I mean, they’re trying to use the Koch brothers as the personification of the 1%, the personification. He just said the other day, last week, that they, the Koch brothers are responsible for global warming. Quick, somebody tell the consensus of scientists, because they’re not blaming it on the Koch brothers. They’re blaming it on America at large.

But this obsession that Harry Reid has, it’s bordering on the obsession that CNN had with the missing Malaysian airline flight. He’s just stuck in this groove and he won’t leave it. This is a common thing that happens to older people when dementia starts to set in. Dingy Harry said yesterday “that he would bring a constitutional amendment to the floor granting Congress the ability to set strict new limits on campaign contributions, warning he will force multiple votes if necessary to pass the measure.

“Reid also rejected concerns from many Democrats that his focus on the Kochs has done nothing to help the party. ‘The Koch Brothers, I’m not walking away from them. I’m going to be on their tail for the whole campaign because if they think Romney was watched closely by me, that’s nothing compared to what it’s going to be like with the Koch Brothers. They’re spending money in state party races. They’re going after secretaries of state. They want to do everything they can to suppress voting. They want to do everything they can to go back to that 1980 campaign,’ Reid said.” And of course that’s all a lie.

Rush’s humor, of course, is included:

But I’ll tell you, if Harry Reid was a relative of yours, you would be having private family discussions about what to do. And I don’t know that the Democrats are not doing that. This is not helping them. It isn’t productive. It’s obsessive. It’s manic. It’s obsessive-compulsive. It’s codependent. It’s all of those New Age highfalutin terms.

Let me suggest the possibility that Harry Reid isn’t “losing it.”

Let me suggest that maybe Sen. Reid sees his worst nightmare, which is — Republican, conservative, and libertarian wealthy people finally waking from their stupor and realizing that the vision of the Founding Fathers is being lost because our side has been failing in the information war. The possibility of them realizing this, and that a lot of money will be required (which they’re able to give), is enough to drive wacky leftists around the bend.

When you start to examine the untapped potential of the political right in America it’s an amazing thing to behold. For liberals like Harry Reid, it’s Armageddon. For the rest of us, it’s seeing the manifestation of what we’ve been calling for — for many, many years: Right of center money not flowing to non profits which are, for all intents and purposes, supporters of cultural Marxism, or almost as bad, funding the campaigns of RINOs who will never be a part of the solution. Instead those dollars would be funding the outreach efforts of the (as of yet) idle political army on the right (read more here).

For those who admire America’s Founders, it’s enough to inspire hope — and genuine (not fake) activism. (To repeat, genuine activism is outreach to the unformed and misinformed.)

For guys like Harry Reid, well, better call the family together for an intervention.

Image credit: patdollard.com.