Hated white people have contributed quite a lot

Here is Russ McSwain providing some facts in defense of hated white people:

Putting aside the hateful, despicable slurs on Sarah Jeong’s Twitter feed, here are some that caught my attention.

have you ever tried to figure out all the things that white people are allowed to do that aren’t cultural appropriation. there’s literally nothing. like skiing, maybe, and also golf. white people aren’t even allowed to have polo. did you know that. like don’t you just feel bad? why can’t we give white people a break. lacrosse isn’t for white people either. it must be so boring to be white.

basically i’m just imagining waking up white every morning with a terrible existential dread that i have no culture.

This is a standard left-wing view. It appeals to people who’ve been taught to ignore what they call the dead white males who built Western civilization.

White people created just about all the good things we all enjoy. Here are few of my favorite things that white people didn’t appropriate.

1. Music. I don’t mean any particular piece of music. I mean the structure of all Western music. Around 1000 A.D., the “tonic sol fa,” which represent the pitches in an octave, was formulated by Guido d’Arezzo. Here is a short, interesting article that explains the evolution that followed. More interesting is a five-minute video from Leonard Bernstein. He moves through the chromatic scale and demonstrates the rich evolution of our musical language right up to my main man, Bach.

There are strong reasons not to exclude people from my favorite American invented instrument: the electric guitar. It’s more than just a loud guitar. Compare this instrument with this one.

There are other musical systems. The Chinese developed one. Western music is played around the world, including in China. Chinese music not so much.

2. The scientific method. There are many early examples of a systematic approach to natural observation. In 1620, Francis Bacon took them to a new level with his New Method of inquiry. It led to an explosion of discoveries, which benefit us all. I’ll mention a couple white guys’ names: Newton and Einstein.

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