More Headlines Regarding the Terrorist Shooting in Orlando

Yesterday we linked to a lot of articles — here are a lot more:

Why Won’t Obama Tell the Whole Truth About the Orlando Shootings?

FBI training material purge likely caused agency to drop the ball on Orlando jihad mass murderer

Orlando jihad massacre explodes widely-touted study claiming “right-wingers” bigger threat than jihadis

Gun control is not the solution to jihadist rampages in what experts call “convergence of terrorism and mass shootings” in Orlando

Orlando reveals our willful ignorance about jihad

Watch The 13 Stupidest Things Said On TV About The Orlando Terrorist Attack

Podcast: Orlando Killer, The FBI, And Obama’s Difficulty With Addressing Islam

Why Islamists Hate Homosexuals

Daniel Gilroy, the co-worker who warned of Omar Mateen’s deranged hatred, earlier was a victim of political correctness

On 9/11, the Orlando shooter’s classmates mourned. Some say he celebrated.

Blaming Conservatives for Muslim Terrorism

A Christian Message to LGBT Americans in the Wake of the Orlando Shooting

It’s Not Guns, It’s Islam

The Words Obama Cannot Say, “Islamic Terrorism”

America at War

Orlando: What No One Wants to Consider

FBI Investigated Orlando Terrorist for 10 Months After He Said in 2013 He Hoped to Martyr Himself

Orlando and radical Islam: How you defeat an ideology

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