Mollie Hemingway: We Need To Denounce Violence Without Tarring All Republicans Or Democrats

Editor’s note: This is the second time I’m linking to Mollie Hemingway taking on the inside-the-beltway boys and kicking their ass.

From the Federalist:

“And the fact is, there actually is a violence problem on both the left and the right,” Hemingway said. “In recent years Americans have seen violent protests everywhere from Portland, Berkeley, Ferguson, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Brooklyn, Baltimore. All throughout the country people have experienced these violent protests.”

“There was an assassination attempt against Republicans by a totally mainstream, progressive, leftist activist,” she continued. “There is a problem on all sides and people need to come together to denounce all of those things and not tar all of the Democratic Party as being part of the leftists violence and not tar the entire Republican Party as part of the rightist violence.”

Watch the video here.