Herbert E. Meyer, RIP

By Thomas Lifson:

The man who fought the Cold War’s version of the Deep State and dragged it, kicking and screaming, into support for the radical change in strategy that eventually won the Cold War has passed on to his heavenly reward.

With deep sadness, I must share with our readers the news that Herbert E. Meyer passed away Sunday morning around 10 A.M. Herb suffered a traumatic brain injury while riding his bicycle, a daily exercise routine when he was home on the Puget Sound island where he and his wife Jill lived, and was hospitalized for months afterward in a coma. His family emails that Jill was with him as he passed, and it was peaceful and quick.

. . .

Because of his ability to see through the gauze of shared assumptions that obscure the truth in complex human matters, he was a superb writer, the kind who makes it look easy. I urge readers to take a look at his archive of articles for American Thinker and to consider purchasing some of his books from Storm King Press.

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