Here’s just one example of why conservatives have been losers

Folks, it’s not a lot to ask for people to try and gather as much information as they can before they reach a conclusion. Unfortunately, that’s not a habit for far too many political conservatives.

There’s something I’ve referred to as the “15 second barrier.” If a person can’t focus on a topic for longer than that – it’s best that they keep their opinion to themselves.

The hysteria from some quarters about Newt Gingrich has been a sight to behold. As someone who has actually read his books and listened to his speeches for over twenty years, I’m embarrassed by the ignorance of so many of my fellow conservatives.

This came in my email this evening – my response follows:

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Received: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 07:25:09 PM CST

Subject: Gingrich thrice denies the public record in Republican debateLast night there was a Republican debate among the candidates in Iowa. Michele Bachmann

told three easily proven truths about Newt Gingrich, all a matter of public record (as evidenced below, see links to articles by PBS, Mother Jones and Fox News):

These 3 truths were as follows:

1–Newt Gingrich supported cap and trade.

2–Newt Gingrich supported an individual health care mandate

3–Newt Gingrich worked as a lobbyist and tried to influence congress on behalf of his clients.

Incredibly, despite the ready provability of these documented facts, Newt – who has, incredibly, been labeled the most effective debater by some conservative analysts — countered simply by telling a big lie:

“Well, Michele, you know, a lot of what you say just isn’t true, period. … You know, I think it’s important for you, and the – this is a fair game, and everybody gets to – to- to pick fights. It’s important that you be accurate when you say these things. Those are not true.”

Pitiful, just pathetic, when you consider how easily proven all three of Bachmann’s accusations are, as follows (these are only a tiny sampling of the mainstream sites mentioning these damning facts). The first two are direct Gingrich quotes.

Read more:

It’s helpful to understand what’s been happening through the years and what Newt’s role has been. Just for the record – and it’s worth noting – that nothing in the past 13 years can be blamed on him.

The cap and trade thing – like all issues in this extra Constitutional age – was a discussion – when it came time for an up or down vote he testified against it.

The individual mandate is being used by people who can’t hold much in their heads. We are being mandated to pay into Medicare and Medicaid, by the way. Michele is against the continuation of the FICA tax “holiday” because she supports our being mandated to pay into Social Security. You’re not going to find that in the Constitution. So Michele and her silly staff need to hold the rocks until they can explain her support of that mandate.

Politics is the art of the possible first. And see the Heritage Foundation archives for the evolution of the health care fight. People new to politics need to go to school.

Oh, and hearsay re Newt being a lobbyist. Wonderful. Perfect. Keep up the good work.

It’s time for conservatives to grow up – they’ve got NOTHING to show for all their whining. NO VICTORIES since welfare reform – which we got in part thanks to Newt. We desperately need victories – and victory will remain out of reach when people refuse to think beyond 15 seconds on any one issue.

I can’t imagine Michele sitting across the table from Putin. Thank God she won’t be. Michele and her idiotic staff are an embarrassment. It’s easy to predict that she’s now hit the ceiling in her career.