Here’s the REAL Question People Should Be Asking Jeb about Iraq

Allen West nails it in these three excerpts (and the emphasis is in the original post):

This week potential presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was heckled at an event by a delusional liberal leftist who claimed that his older brother President George W. Bush had created ISIS.

You may also be aware of the firestorm created by Jeb Bush’s statement in an interview with Fox News Megyn Kelly regarding “knowing what we know now” whether he would have authorized an invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Instead of the twelve-year-old hypothetical questions, perhaps we should be asking, “do you agree with President Obama’s decision to withdraw ALL troops from Iraq?”

If I could find the heckler who verbally assaulted Jeb Bush, I’d remind him, regardless of what he personally believes, Ramadi was peaceful and al-Qaeda in Iraq had been defeated under President George W. Bush. So what has happened? I just find it unconscionable that so many in the liberal progressive media continue to provide President Obama a “get out of jail free card” on the debacle which is his foreign policy.

Instead of the gotcha hypothetical questions, the media needs to be asking what will these potential presidential candidates do — as they inherit a mess from a failed foreign and national security policy of the past eight years.

Read Allen West’s entire article here.

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