Heritage Action’s Presidential Platform Index

Last month, Michael Needham, the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Action for America, sent out an email with the text below. You can click on the links contained within for more information. Conservatives have been presenting great ideas for decades — the fact that most Americans never hear about them, and instead call the Republican Party (the logical home of these ideas based on its own platform) the party of “no” — is why I keep writing about the information war.

Announcing: Presidential Platform Index


America needs a conservative in the White House. Heritage Action has a plan to ensure candidates don’t compromise their conservative principles to win.

Today, we are announcing our bold criteria to serve as a principled guide for campaigns and a transparent benchmark for the American people – The Presidential Platform Index.

There are three parts to this critical plan:

Conservative platform issues: The Presidential Platform Index will focus on opportunity, growth, civil society, limited government, national security and favoritism.

Candidate engagement: Throughout the spring and summer, Heritage Action will meet with every presidential campaign to discuss how they need to shape their policy agenda to address the true frustrations and anxieties of the American people.

Candidate platform analysis: In fall of 2015, Heritage Action will reveal each candidate’s position on six core areas to give the American people a transparent analysis on how the candidate aligns with a principled conservative plan.

The 2016 Presidential Platform Index is key to ensuring that our conservative ideas and principles drive the presidential campaign — and to make sure a conservative president is elected in 2016.

Read our plan for creating opportunity for all and favoritism to none.

Thank you for standing with us to put a conservative in the White House.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America